Which type of freelance writer are you?

At Dinghy, we know that not all writers will spend their days in a coffee shop, rocking hipster clothes with a slightly disheveled look. Every freelancer has their own quirks and ways of working, and that’s no different for freelance writers. So, what type of freelancer are you? This blog looks at the different ways of working as a freelance writer.

The pro

Super-organized, you complete your projects well ahead of the deadline. You give your clients plenty of time to come back with any tweaks or copy edits. Super productive and good at time-keeping, the envy of some of your more relaxed freelancer friends. Chances are, your client absolutely loves you and you are their first call for new projects.

The old school

Not your first rodeo, you’ve been working as a freelance writer for years, perhaps even decades. You’ve built up a great list of clients and are always getting referrals, you are living the dream. Thanks to your experience, you can charge a bit more for your work than the average freelance writer.

The grammar police

Spelling and grammar is your area of expertise. You are a well-respected proofreader and are often referred to as the walking dictionary. You are constantly correcting people’s spelling and grammar, to the delight (and sometimes frustration) of your friends and family.

The stay-at-home mom/dad

As a stay-at-home mom or dad looking after your tribe, freelancing is great as it allows you to work your own schedule. Sure, your routine has probably changed many times over the last 18 months thanks to the coronavirus, but you just take this in stride and are a master of multi-tasking.

The early riser

You’re usually awake by 5 in the morning, going for a morning run and then back for eggs for breakfast, sunny-side up of course. You find your creativity is much better in the morning, and you’ve often tapped out 2,000 words before midday. You’ve even found the time to clear the laundry basket, and by early afternoon you are logging off for the day.

The newbie

Relatively new to the game, you took the plunge to go freelance in lockdown. Perhaps coronavirus made you rethink your life choices, or unfortunately, you lost your job in the wake of the pandemic and you saw it as an opportunity to become your own boss. Welcome to the world of freelancing.

The vampire

No, we aren’t saying that you look like you belong in The Lost Boys. You simply do your best work after dark, and it’s often sometime around midnight that you get that flash of inspiration you need. It’s not unusual for your client to get an email from you at 3 am. Now you just need to wait for their reply…

The coffee addict

Ok, ok, your friends might give you a hard time for being a bit of a walking stereotype, but who cares? You spend your working week frequenting the local coffee shops, moving throughout the day, depending on where the best flat white or the freshest avocado toast is.

The side-hustler

You may have a full-time job, but you’ve found your corporate job a bit monotonous, so you’ve picked up some copywriting on the side. The extra dollars are just an added bonus. You may even be looking to go freelance full-time. Keep going, you’ll get there!

The student

You might be majoring in English or Creative Writing, and you have picked up some freelance work to help cover the cost of those costly college books. You’re already used to working nocturnal hours for your studies, and that’s probably when you do your best work. Pre-COVID, you were rocking loungewear back when they were still called pajamas.

Whether you are a pro or a newbie, one thing that all freelancers should put at the top of the to-do list is freelancer insurance. Having the correct level of writers insurance can ensure you are protected in case a mistake happens or something goes wrong.

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